Pietro Garibaldi

Director Allievi Honors Program, Carlo Alberto Fellow


PhD in Economics, London School of Economics, 1996


Labor Economics, Macroeconomics

selected works

  • Inside Severance Payments, Journal of Public Economics (2017)with Tito Boeri and Espen Moen.  Volume 145, January, Pages 211-225.
  •  Competitive On-The-Job-Search,  Review of Economic Dynamics (2016), with Espen Moen and Dag Einar Sommervol.  Vol. 19, I, issue in honor of Dale Mortensen, January, Pages 88-107.
  •  Workers and Firms Sorting into Temporary Jobs, (2012), with Fabio Berton. The Economic Journal, Aug 2012, Volume: 122 Issue: 562-582.