Long-Term Investments

Financing long-term investments, growth and stability is a key objective of economic policy around the globe (G20, EU, OCSE).

Current and future availability of resources for long-term investments is in doubt, for a number of reasons, including sovereign indebtedness.

An effort to foster long-term financing is even more important than in the past.

The importance of long-term vision

One important driver of long-term investment activity is a clear view of the future financial scenarios, namely the risks and opportunities they offer.

Research in financial markets is needed, together with wise use of data, in order to build those scenarios.

Long-term investors and Torino

Over time, Torino has been the house of many important LTIs with strong reputation.

Awareness and strengthening of this role is important for the town and its future.

UniTO, with its AXA Chair and its raising position in both European and national rankings, offers a solid partnership to achieve that goal.