Part-Time Research Assistantships

The Collegio Carlo Alberto offers part-time research assistantships. Research assistants will collaborate with the full-time faculty, Affiliates and Fellows of the Collegio.

Eligible candidates are citizens of the European Union or non-EU citizens with a valid work permit who hold at least a three-year undergraduate degree and have command of English and of some of the standard software programs used in economics and statistics (i.e. Stata, Matlab, SPSS, SAS, Matematica, Excel).


Research assistants are expected to spend part of their time at the Collegio from September 1 to July 31 (Academic Year). The gross salary is about 11.50 euros per hour. Each research assistant will be provided with a work station at the Collegio.


There will be two phases to the selection process. First, the candidate must match with a Collegio scholar who is seeking RA assistance. To this end, the candidate's application material will be included in a central repository which is accessible to all the Collegio scholars, and scholars are encouraged to advertise a search as widely as possible. Once a match has been made, with terms of employment (number of hours needed) and research objectives agreed upon by the two parties, the scholar who wants to employ the candidate will forward his/her application materials to the RA committee (composed of Giovanna Nicodano, chair, Roberto Marfè and Ignacio Monzon). If the committee gives its approval, the work contract will be drafted and the research will proceed according to the parties' agreement.

There is no deadline for applications, but the probability of a candidate finding a suitable employer match will decrease as the A.Y. progresses.


Applicants should submit an updated cv, which must include:

  • last name and first name
  • date and place of birth
  • postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address where the candidate can be contacted
  • undergraduate degree (possibly with final grade and grade average)
  • other university degrees that the candidate holds
  • languages known and proficiency, including computer proficiency
  • research experience

Applicants should indicate in their email what other studies or employment they plan to pursue in the AY and in which months of the year they'll be in Torino and able to work as RAs. Applicants could also include any other information they deem useful (e.g., cover letter, writing samples, letters of recommendation).

Application form