2010: Fabio Maccheroni

Fabio Maccheroni won the 2010 edition of the Carlo Alberto Medal. He is the first Carlo Alberto medalist who works for an Italian institution and who received all his scientific training in Italy.

Born in Milano in 1971, Fabio Maccheroni received his BA in Mathematics from the Università di Milano in 1995 and his Doctorate in Applied Mathematics in a joint program of the universities of Brescia, Milano (Bicocca and Cattolica) and Torino in 1999. Upon completing his Doctorate, he was hired by the Università Bocconi (Milano, Italy), where he is Professor of Mathematical Economics. He has been a visiting professor at Boston University, Caltech, Princeton, the Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne) and the Collegio Carlo Alberto.


Fabio is an extremely prolific scholar, who has given outstanding contributions to economic theory, focusing on models of decision making. He has offered some key insights on the representation of incomplete preferences, a question that was only partially understood before his contributions. He has also co-authored a fundamental work on the behavioral foundations of the "robustness" models used in Macroeconomics. More recently, he has turned his attention to the role and influence of social interaction in decision making, providing another path-breaking contribution to an important economic question that has been the object of little rigorous analysis. In the words of a scholar who nominated him: "[he] has given fundamental contributions to the theory of decision under uncertainty, and his work has had major influence on current research in economic theory at large, including applications to finance and macroeconomics."

The Carlo Alberto Lecture

On June 9, 2009, Fabio Maccheroni will deliver the Carlo Alberto Lecture at the Collegio, in the same week as the Pareto Lectures, which will be delivered on June 8 and 10, respectively, by Charlie Plott (Caltech) and Angus Deaton (Princeton).